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Based in France, Audio Aero are the high-end audio division of Mazeres Aviation Group, set up 20 years ago and being a part of the aerospace industry. Passion for music led the team at Audio Aero to develop hi-tech equipment with a unique ability to reproduce natural and alive sound, achieving true emotion through the music.

All Audio Aero products are assembled by a company certified for aeronautics manufacturing to ensure quality and reliability.

         Capitole line including

- Capitole CD Drive  featuring high precision clock and RCA, BNC, AT&T and AES/EBU digital inputs.

- Capitole CD Player 24/192  featuring STARS re-sampling system and subminiature tube output stage.

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  • Prestige SACD Player

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This player is dedicated to customers who want to focus on the audio aspect and are looking for a machine offering the best performance in digital and analogue treatment for SACD and CDs. The Prestige SACD player offers the highest quality level and is intended to be the source in a top-of-the -range audio system.  

Based on the latest Philips SACD laser mechanism, digital signal is treated using Audio Aero's exclusive re-sampler featuring the DSD compatible STARS2 module. The incoming signal is re-sampled to 24/192, and in the case of SACD, DSD is first converted to PCM 88.2 kHz (high frequency noise suppression, 9dB S/N improvement) and then re-sampled to 24/192.  

The output stage consists in sub-miniature tubes and a built-in IC ladder attenuator that provides constant quality whatever the setting and offers ultimate performance.  

Moreover, the danger of emission and interference from a video section is eliminated, and the audio quality of the player is preserved for maximum pleasure and emotion.


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